Rooney will be appointed as a coach next week?

The leadership of Derby County is said to be considering adding the iconic MU,Wayne Rooney, to the team’s hot seat next week.

According to The Sun, the leadership of Derby County is strongly considering the case of getting Wayne Rooney to take over the team’s hot seat next week. 

The key cause of this incident was the bad results of new coach Phillip Cocu. 

Wayne Rooney  is England and Manchester United’s all-time leading goal scorer at 53 and 253, though his form in the Derby County shirt is impressive considering his age at 34

The veteran striker has had 6 goals and 3 assists in the Championship since joining Derby County in January last year, but the club also has a lot of trouble in securing the Premier League promotion seats.

Currently, Derby County is ranked 20th in the Championship rankings after three straight defeats since the start of the season, and Leader Mel Morris is losing faith with coach Phillip Cocu.

Paddy in the jersey of Derby County

There are several rumors that the Dutch coach could have been dismissed in the previous round if he did not win the fight with Norwich City. However, after 87 minutes, it was Wayne Rooney’s mission to hold the promise of the Phillip Cocu. The Sun has said that in the coming clash with Watford, if the 49-year-old coach is unable to gain all three points, he is likely to be dismissed automatically.

He also revealed that he still wants to become a coach in the near future: “I’m still involved in this. When Louis van Gaal led MU, Ryan Giggs was in charge of research. My opponents and I usually sit there for a few hours after practicing.” 

Wayne Rooney  arrived in Derby County from D.C United in January 2020 with a contract period of 18 months. The former MU player will contribute to The Rams both in the capacity of player and coach.